Sunday, February 13, 2011

Babies Are With Us!

A lot has happened in the past two days!

First of all, babies are doing FANTASTIC! We could not ask for better news than we've been getting over the past several days about our awesome little babes. And, there have been a number of very important firsts: yesterday, the babies began feeding with regular bottles and they love it. They are eating so well with Adam being pretty darn veracious and Emily ...well, let's just say she's eating like a little lady. She definitely takes her time and when she's done SHE IS DONE! But, they are each eating their required daily amount or more.

Speaking of feeding, it was also Daddy's first time changing diapers yesterday! It wasn't bad at all and was actually quite sweet to be the one responsible for taking care of your little ones in such an intimate way clean them and make sure they feel clean and good again. It's so awesome! And equally awesome is seeing how much poop they make; I don't know, it's like a measure of succcess or something!!!

Also yesterday, they tasted their very first pacifiers. They could not get enough of them (thank you Geremy and Carrie for the big bag of hospital ones you gave us - they're a hit!). I was worried they'd be too big, but they took to them like champs although I can't help be reminded of Maggie Simpson in some of the shots - Daoooh! ;-)

While yesterday was great, today was awsome! The babies were discharged and we brought them back to the hotel. Jena and I made the best little cribs out of (ready for this???) a suitcase!!! They are so tiny and still imobile, that with just a few blankets and some baby decor, we have great instant cribs! We've had them "home" for a full twelve hours now and all is well. I just can't get enough of them now: watching every single move they make; letting them grasp my finger and holding on tightly; each one melting into my arms (they LOVE to be held!) throughout the day; having them sleep on my chest; and I just love getting real close and breathing in their little sweet angel breath's all just so wonderful! Maybe I'm crazy, but they are cooing (in very tiny voices) and smiling already too, I'm in love!

Well, it's feeding time again (every three hours), so I must go. Please enjoy the following photos from the past couple of days and a couple of videos (FYI: Adam is in stripes or green-monkey blanket and Emily is in saffron-yellow or pink blankets).


  1. OMG Andy!!! HAHAHAHA I love your giggle at the end over the suitcase cribs. They look so comfy and cozy in their little beds. Makes you just want to crawl in there with them! They make Murray look like Godzilla lol. Glad to see they are eating so well and that they love their pacifiers. As always hugs to you! xoxo.

  2. Andy, I am so excited for you guys. They are precious!!!!!!!! And the suitcase crib is too cute. Thanks so much for the pictures and the videos. I cant wait to get mama over here to see. She will just love it.
    I'm praying for you and your little ones every day. Love, Frances

  3. What a great idea using the suitcase! So clever. These two are perfect, beyond precious!!! Congratulations!!!