Friday, February 11, 2011

The Big Move!

Today was an exciting day as we were able to move the babies from their hospital (Delhi Newborn Centre) an hour across town to Phoenix Hospital (where they were born) about a block away from our hotel. We can now pop in and play with them any time :-)) 

Moving them was a very delicate operation involving Jena, me and the driver. We dressed them in their very first onesies which were tiny preemie size (yet still too big - these babies are TINY!) and then swaddled them in their blankies. We brought pillows with us in the car mainly to rest our arms in as we needed to hold them snugly during the chaotic hour drive from Delhi to New Delhi. We arrived safely with our precious little cargo and they are now just down the street from us.

Today, Emily was wide awake and moving all about while Adam was sleeping most of the time. So, we have some much better pictures of her and some other cute ones of Adam curled up on his belly like a little bean! Later, we have them in their first clothes ever and then bundled up in blankets like little cacoons. They are both gaining weight every day and eating so well that the doctors have said there is no need to weigh them daily after they are discharged. This has all been such great news and been so very easy for them and for us, and we feel very fortunate to have all these wonderful caring and talented doctors and staff taking such good care of them (and us!).

In other news, we received our now apostled birth certificates today, and as we are certain the babies will be discharged to us on Sunday, have made our appointment at the embassy on Tuesday to affirm their citizenship and apply for their passports. Nancy Hamilton (embassy America Citizen Services) has been great and assured us we will get the passports that very same day. This means the following day will begin the Indian government process of getting our visas and getting home! If all goes well (meaning no inquiry), we could be on a flight as soon as Saturday/Sunday Feb 19/20. This would mean we were only here for ten days ...a new record! But, anything can happen in the administration of this process so we'll hope, but remain flexible.

Finally, last evening we were able to set up our video skype calling with many family members (still continuing) and can now call and see eachother for free!!! Most importantly, they can all see the babies in real time when we get them back here. Since my laptop and/or ISP stops me from posting videos on my blog, I was still able to put my iPhone screen up to the laptop camera and play it for my parents - they could see and hear the video of the babies perfectly - very exciting!

It's now time for some wine and dinner, and then to organize our documents before we head out tomorrow and make about three trees worth of copies for our visa package!!!

Goodnight to all!

Emily's pics are first then Adam:



  1. Andy! These pictures gave me goosebumps! I love your posts and CAN'T WAIT to meet your precious, beautiful babies!!!!!!!!! I hope you all make it home SOON! And your sis is AWESOME! :)

  2. Easy to tell who the daddy is... :-D Mazel Tov!!!

  3. I just had some tears... they are so sweet! I can't wait to meet them Andy! So so soooo happy for you and Bill.

  4. Congrats to you. We also have twins that were born in India, and it seems that we live not to far from each maybe play dates are in our future.