Friday, February 18, 2011

Outta Here!!!

Believe it or not, after only eight full days in India for baby pick-up, we are outta here! I think this is a new record which we were VERY happy to set :-) We did have a minor ordeal today that could have been major without the help of our trusted Radhika and Kuldeep. In the end, we got our exit visas and met the most charming Norwegians who were also here for baby pick-up. We had them back to our hotel for wine and cheese (and cookies for their six year old son Oliver) as their hotel was too far to go to and come back to complete the FRRO paperwork (yes, we had to leave and return due to our little ordeal - more about that later!). They were delightful, we were in good company and all turned out well in the end.

We've reserved our bulkhead seats with the baby bassinettes (they attach to the bulkhead in front of us) which will make our 24-hour journey with the two babes much more comfortable for them and us! Jena is now packing the diaper bag and our driver arrives in 30 minutes. We are over the moon with excitement that all is over here and we can now get our beautiful little babies (and us) home to their other Daddy Bill, Mamaw and Papaw and uncles Jimmy and Marty and very soon their other G-parents Cappy and Pop who will be up from Florida to meet grand babies 13 & 14 this week!!!

Well, I'd better go swaddle the little ones, say goodbye to our good Ausie friends Peter and Brad (and their three beautiful little bubs) from across the hall  and go meet our ride. I'll post our return in a couple of days with some new pics, so until then...  

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