Thursday, February 10, 2011

We Made It!

We made it in today at 1am after 18 hours of travel and have been on the go ever since - no sleep for Jena or me in over 50 hours aside from an uncomfortable catnap here and there. But, how could we sleep when the first thing we were to do was head out to see the little ones :-)  This gave us our second, third and fourth winds for the day was amazing!

It was unbelievable to see our beautiful little babies for the very first time. But, I was not at all prepared for how tiny they would be was hard to even believe they were real at first as they looked like little toy dolls; just so so so tiny! When we came in, Emily was sound asleep (she is the big sleeper of the two) and Adam was wide awake (he being the rambunctious one!). So, they asked if I wanted to hold Adam and I of course said yes, but was a little scared as he just seems so fragile. As the nurse showed me how to pick him up and cradle his tiny little head, she handed him to me and he just sunk into my arms and calmed down immediately then fell asleep in like two minutes. It was so incredibly sweet and hard to describe. During all of this Jena was tickling Emily and trying to gently wake her (no luck of course!)  

After about 30 mins of being mesmerized at these little lives, feeding time was upon us. So, it was just-in-time training time for Jena and Andy which was quite a neat experience. I tried to upload a video of this "event" but my poor little mediocre laptop can't handle it. So, I've posted a lot of pics of Adam and one (the last) of Emily as all of hers looked the same because she seriously REFUSED to wake up or stay up. I hope to have more of her tomorrow if she decides to play a little with us - hope you enjoy :-) 

As far as our paperwork provcess here, Both Adam and Emily have begun to gain weight and are now feeding via syringe instead of tube (yeahhhh!) so everything with them has been ahead of schedule. This means they only have about 48 more hours in the hospital and then they can come back with us to the apartment. And this means we're that much closer to heading home!!! Speaking of which, we did meet with our attorney today and thanks to some pre-planning from the home before we arrived, we already have their birth certificates! So, all is going extremely well with trying to get us back home sooner than expected. 

I am so tired now I can barely keep typing! So I've ordered room service (which has just arrived), and Jena has cracked open a bottle of wine (which I'm sure she'll finish!) and so I'll let all of you enjoy this video which really says it all.

Love to all

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