Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sorry No Posts!

Hi all!
Sorry no posts, but our wi-fi was taken down for nearly two days for a security protocol upgrade and it's only just now back up (kinda!). I just wrote about six detailed paragraphs catching you up on the past three days and it rebooted on me and I lost it all :(  So now I'm gonna brief before I lose you again and just say that Adam and Emily are official US Citizens and passport holders! We've also now passed our file through the Ministry of Home Affairs which is the first Indian Government step to getting our exit visas to head home(not a fun experience, but done!).

Now, with the help of a "facilitation fee" our file will be expedited through the Foreign Registration Office tomorrow and we will be issued those visas by early afternoon! We are told the only thing that can stop this is if the special printers are down. Let's hope not, because Jena and I just added the babies to our tickets and changed them to depart very late tomorrow night 1150pm. This will put us home in DC on Saturday and mean that we only spent 11 days in India (remarkable!) ...we could not be more excited.

Bill's mom (Mamaw) will meet us at the airport and my mom (Cappy) will join us in DC the following Tuesday> Wednesday, the babies have their first pediatrician appointment (American pediatrician anyway).

So this is the latest! And now for the good stuff....


  1. Andy and Bill
    They are ADORABLE! Cant wait to meet them in May and introduce them to Luke
    Lots of Love and Hugs

  2. Wow, 11 days ! Now you get to go home with these beautiful babies and really enjoy life! Congratulations!