Sunday, February 6, 2011

First Post!

Greetings all!
As many of you know by now, Bill and I welcomed into the world our two beautiful babies on January 31st 2011. We were so fortunate to get a perfect pairing of a boy and a girl: Adam Thomas and Emily Winn. They were born at just 34 weeks and are very strong and doing just fantastic - truly, we could not be happier! While we await our departure to India this Tuesday, we are updated daily by the wonderful staff at SCI (Surrogacy Center India). SCI, lead by their talented and caring founder Dr. Shivani, has helped us realize a dream long awaited and we cannot thank her and her staff enough.

Bill will stay back in the states to keep watch over the family business, while my incredibly generous and amazing Jena joins me abroad. The process of getting our little munchkins home will take three to four weeks working with our American Embassy and no less than five separate Indian government agencies to gain our birth certificates, US citizenship, passports and exit visas. But in between all the fits and starts of the
expected international and intra-governmental red tape, we'll have two precious little babies to keep us both amazed, engaged and grounded!

So with that, we've opened up this blog to allow our family and dearest friends to keep up with our - amazing in so many ways - journey to India! In all honesty too, it will be much easier for us to communicate this way to all those we love and care about while we focus on the important task of getting back home. We hope you will visit every so often to share in this joyous and exciting adventure!

Andy & Bill (& Jena)              


  1. Safe travels to you and Jena! We will be checking in on Bill too. So happy for you as you start this next journey. Hugs to you all- Carrie, Geremy and Murray!

  2. I am so proud of you all! What an amazing journey, and trust me - it has "only just begun"! Kudo's to Jena are so lucky to have such a loving generous family to support this incredible adventure. God Bless and thoughts, love and prayers are with you!
    the self-proclaimed "aunt" Kelly